Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grandma B's Visit

Grandma B arrived late Wednesday night. The girls were already asleep so they didn't get to see her. When they woke up in the morning they ran right passed her and into my room. I told Ava that Grandma was sleeping and to go get her. Off she ran squealing all the way.

We all got up, went downstairs for some blueberry pancakes, and headed off to the strawberry fields. Grandma was excited to pick blackberries and strawberries with the girls. We walked all through the fields Ava ate her way down the rows and we picked big plump juicy berries.

Afterwards we came home and went swimming in our little pool.

Ava went to bed shortly afterwards since she was full from all of the fruit.

Olivia on the other hand had to eat lunch because she actually put the fruit she picked in the basket. And there's where the problems began again. I will post about this as a whole other topic later but Olivia has decided that she doesn't want to eat her food in an appropriate period of time. She has been taking up to 2 hours to eat a small plate of food.

So we waited, waited some more, took her privileges away, told her she would be going to bed, and finally just sent her to bed. Obviously Liv didn't care. She went to bed and went to sleep.

The girls got up from their naps a few hours later and tried on the new dresses that Grandma had brought with her.

Then we went to a buffet. Olivia had no problems eating there. She ate everything on her plate. Ava did as well but by the looks of her that's pretty obvious. Grandma ate crab legs with daddy. They were loving it.

We came home and got the dog and took her for a walk to find pennies. We came home with about 17 cents so it was fun for the girls and good exercise for the dog. That was the end of day 1 with Grandma and it was a pretty good day at that.

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