Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Space Chimps and Popcorn

For future endeavors I think this goes without saying that when Ava goes to movies she will be demanding popcorn and plenty of it. But she wasn't the only one with lips smacking away. Olivia ate her way through the entire movie as well. And they loved it.

We arrived late as usual and headed to the popcorn line. I guess if the movie is free you still have to wait in a long boring line for the snacks. Go figure. We waited. We twirled around. Ava tried to stick her hand up my skirt and was given a stern look of 'stop that.' And then our big huge ginormous popcorn bucket arrived and the anticipation had ended. Hands everywhere started reaching but were told they had to wait until they were sitting inside. I was sort of leery at this point knowing we were going to have to find a seat in the dark as we were now 30 minutes late but as we enter the theater the lights were still on. Surprise surprise. So we found a cool spot, hunkered down, plopped out our drink cups and bowls brought from home and the popcorn started flowing. The light went down and the previews (I had originally thought we missed these which would have been nice since Ava tends to hate them) began. Then Ava belts out, "Let's get outta here Mommy."

I thought perhaps we had jumped that hurdled but I guess not. During all three previews Ava had me sit with her eyes covered so the preview, "could not see me mommy?" as she so squeamishly asked. Then the movie began and we were in popcorn eating bliss. Olivia smacked away only speaking when she needed more and clapped when the movie ended and the chimps saved the planet. Ava sat for the first half in her own chair this time. That's better than last time. And she watched the entire movie. She actually looked at the screen this time. Who hoo! We are making progress.

Next week we are seeing Igor so I think as the weeks progress our movie watching skills will progress too. We didn't go with the neighbors this time and I kinda liked it better so we'll see which day we go next week and if we go with them. Now the girls are down for their naps and since it is 1000 degrees outside we will be heading to the water park when they wake up. Today's been a good day. The girls had fun, I had fun, and poor Dave gets to mow the lawn in the heat. Stinks for him but I know he's happy we are happy.

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