Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life At Grammie's

Interesting things seem to always happen at Grammie and Papa's house. Before we had arrived my nephews were fed pancakes with syrup and 1000 ants for sprinkles. Apparently mom left the syrup out in the kitchen and ants crawled in the bottle and died. Dad cooked the pancakes, handed them and the syrup to the kids, they poured it on good and then the boys just sat there. So when my mom walked out and noticed the kids just sitting there, food untouched, she came closer and there they were- antcakes. Disgusting you might say but if you know my mom you would know she is notorious for things like that. Once she served cheesecake that fell on the floor and called it Cheesecake LaFluer. Her guests thought it was fancy and gobbled it down. Another time she had put the fish food flakes in a salt shaker so my brother and I wouldn't over pour the food in the tank. She happened to forget doing so and that night for dinner my brother salted his salad with fish food. She's made cakes and put the frosting on the inside and the pudding on the outside, pumpkin pies without sugar, you name it- we have suffered through it.

Typically before Dave and I arrive my mom's house she removes all the breakables and the glass coffee table. I guess since the boys are older she figured she didn't need to. After the boys were there for 2 hours they had already shattered a beer bottle all over the floor when they hit the ottoman into the coffee table. The next day one of my nephews attempted to set his refilled glass on the dining room table and whamo, it hit the ground, water and glass everywhere. The next night my brother knocked his glass over while trying to grab the salt shaker from his oldest son's hand so he didn't put too much salt on his food. Maybe there is just a strong gravitational pull at Grammies. Who knows.

So we finally arrived late Thursday night and the boys all slept in one room, my mom and dad in the room next to them, and Dave and I slept in my parent's room with Ava on a toddler bed and Liv in a sleeping bag on the floor. Needless to say the 3 and a half hour nap the girls took early that day allowed the girls to stay awake for our entire drive and then until about midnight. Here we are all packed in one room and Dave and I are ready to sleep but the girls are awake. And then at 5:30 AM when Ava decided to wake up I decided we were going swimming. 5 minutes later Dave and Livy jumped in the pool. Mom came out around 7AM and by 8AM the whole family was outside and swimming. For the most part the days were all the same. We woke up early and got in the pool before breakfast, and then again after breakfast, then the girls had lunch and took their naps, and when they woke up we swam again, had dinner and a shower, watched a movie and went to sleep. It was great. The girls got their exercise, were totally worn out for naps and bedtime, and they had a fantastic time playing with their cousins.

Friday the girls got to meet my Godmother Roz and her husband Louie who were in town visiting her family. They stayed for an hour and interacted with the girls and got some cute photos with them.
Saturday morning we went to have professional portraits taken which went smoothly, then we headed to the museum. It was at this time my nephew J discovers his RASH. He then began to rub it raw so it spread all down his leg. Wonderful. It was a very hot afternoon so we didn't stay all day at the museum. We went out for lunch and headed back to the house to save our sanity and our body temperature in the pool.

Sunday my mom and I went to the store and bought some chicken for barbecuing. My dad had taken the boys fishing that morning so Dave put the girls down for their nap and he hung out with my mom. It was 109 degrees outside while I roasted by the grill. When the boys got back from not catching any fish we all went swimming again. My dad couldn't get over the fact that Lady could see her reflection in the outdoor stainless steel grill island kitchen he has and she would not stop barking at herself so he got out to make her move when he open the door under the grill and found a trapped cat. So I got out and Dave and the girls got out and Dave and I looked inside again and found 2 kittens. Well after feeding a can of tuna to the mommy cat I pulled out 5 kittens about 4 weeks old. Dave put the kittens in a box, the mom in a cage, and then we discovered that the cat family had been inside the bottom of the island kitchen the entire time I was barbecuing. Weird. Interesting. Whatever. Like I said, THINGS happen at Grammie's. The kids all played with the kittens, we brought them inside for the night and fed the mom. The next day they went to the animal shelter for examination, shots, spaying, neutering, and to be adopted hopefully.

Monday night we drove home from our vacation, feeling good, relaxed, tanned, and believe it or not- well rested. The next day my parents drove the boys to the coast to camp in the RV and after being there for 3 hours, my nephew J got bit by a wasp, my nephew M fell in a mud puddled and was covered from head to toe, and God only knows what was in store for the other one. I guess strange things follow my parents everywhere. So to anyone who might cross their path while driving, camping, or just generally breathing- LOOK OUT, things don't always stay at Grammie's.

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