Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wha Wha

It's a sad day in Dave history today. He got denied by his Olivia to take a ride to the recycling place to drop off the cans. She preferred to stay home and finish building her Lego castle. Oh how sad. I get denied all the time. I'll ask either one of them if they want to go with me somewhere, or stay home with me, or whatever, and sometimes they choose me and sometimes they don't. It has just become my reality. But TODAY.... HA HA HA. It happened to Dave and now the world is complete. Oh Almost forgot the best part... usually when Dave's finished with recycling with the girls he always gives them a dollar each to put in their piggy banks. When he returned home Olivia promptly told him, "I don't want my dollar Daddy." Wha Wha.


By a 4 year old.

I shouldn't gloat.

But it feels so good.

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