Monday, March 8, 2010

I Guess This Makes Sense

Upon waking up from her nap, I found Ava standing at the top of the stairs. I greeted her with the normal, "Good afternoon Ava. Did you sleep well?"

And she responded with, "Mommy, can I have some bread?"

"What do you need bread for?" I asked.

"My crotch really hurts and bread will make it feel better." She replied holding her belly as if in so much agony she was about to die.

Why did I not know this? All the times that my crotch hurt I could have just fixed it with bread. Duh.

Olivia had diarrhea all last week and was eating Pedialyte Popsicles which Ava wanted but she was told they were to make Olivia's belly feel better. Apparently this act has now takes it own unique turn into Ava's belly needing a cure too- bread. She settled for a noca bar instead.

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