Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Play Play Play

If only playtime lasted forever.

Today is such a nice day outside but instead of being outside and enjoying it we are trapped inside until Ava's checkup tomorrow. The doctor said to keep her still until then and to keep her free from dirt. To him, this probably seemed like two simple requests. Not so much. All Ava wants to do is climb and jump on the stairs, run around, and I don't know- be 3 years old.

And then there's Olivia who doesn't get the, "all for one and one for all," concept of being trapped inside with Ava. Together they are getting on each others nerves, my nerves, and our pets nerves (yes, the cat has been puking... which has now become the most widely used verb in the house today... PUKING). Because that's exactly what you want your kids running around in house yelling about. Oh I feel like an expert parent. I've tried to compensate for saying 'puke' and bring back the concept of 'throwing up' but I was disregarded and outnumbered and now PUKE has found it's place in our house.

This is what being trapped inside in the house for a week does to a family. We end up posting about puke, the girls are talking in robot voices because that is their second passion of this minute since Olivia learned 'the robot' in dance class, play-doh has become the center of our artistic lives, and well we simply cannot watch anymore TV. Oh and earplugs come in handy when you feel like you might crack.

Cheers to earplugs and play-doh and to everyone who gets to enjoy the beautiful world outside today. Secretly we are inside loathing you.

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