Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow Hill

Who says you can't find snow in these parts in February? These two not only found snow but they also found inner tubes and a hill to speed down.

First we had to bundle up in our snow suits...
And wheeeee... go rushing down the hill. Look at that Ava smiling away. The tube on the far left is Dave going down the hill backwards on a two-man tube.
They reached the bottom and Olivia was loving it.
A pose for mom to take a snap shot of success.
Here's Olivia and Dave going down side by side on their own tube which Olivia told me later she liked to go down by herself better because she could go down the hill faster. Just what a mother wants to hear.
See the joy of being on her own tube!
Mission accomplished. Fun was had by all. We didn't do the zip-line since it began to rain just when we were finished on the hill.
Now bring on the heat and the summer activities. We are through with winter.

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