Saturday, March 20, 2010

JB Field Trip

Olivia and Dave went to the JB Factory for a class field trip. Here's a few friends standing with her in front of the sign. Daddy and his Olivia getting their picture taken before entering the factory.
Olivia standing in front of the candy dispensers... She was so excited to be on this trip especially since she was all by herself with Daddy.
Olivia and the Jelly Belly.
After the tour Olivia picked out treats for each of her family members.
Then the class headed over to a huge park and had lunch and played together. This picture is of Olivia going down the big cement slide.
And here's the hot dog lunch.
Olivia and her classmate on the teeter totter enjoying the sunny day.
Another friend with Olivia riding the bouncy circle thingy.
And a great day was had by all.
Ava stayed home resting her leg, she got her toenails painted, had lunch in my bed, watched her movies without any interruptions, and was given a JB treat when Olivia arrived home. She was in heaven.

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