Thursday, March 25, 2010

All Bandages Removed

OK so it is obvious I am the only person who cares about this big slice on Ava's leg. She could care less. Hasn't even looked back there to see what all the fuss is about. Nope.

What does she care about you might ask? A teeny tiny little cut on her third toe that makes her hobble around like she's missing a leg. You can't even see the dumb thing and it happened 4 days ago. Please. For the love of God just forget about it.

On a different note...

Tuesday afternoon Ava and I went to pick up Olivia from preschool and I talked with one of our mom friend's there about having the big bandaid on Ava's leg to cover the surgical tape. She was telling me that her dog just was operated on and they told her to leave the bandaid off so the wound could dry. I told her the area did look wet like it may have oozed. She said her husband would look at it and see if we could just leave the bandaid off. So I unstrapped the ever unsuspecting Ava from her car seat and plopped her feet on the ground. Kevin removed the bandaid, took a glance, and said, "Yeah she doesn't need that bandaid. It looks fine. Just let the surgical tape fall off on it's own." And then he folded the bandaid up and handed it back to me.

Umm... how's she gone get back in car and ride with the surgical tape rubbing up against the seat? Since we didn't have a choice, Ava got back in and Olivia climbed in and I drove home hoping everything looked okay when she got out of the car. Thankfully it did. Only once did Ava notice that the big bandaid was gone and there was something funny like sticky tape on the back of her leg yesterday.

So here's a picture of the real deal. The surgical tape fell off this morning.

Ava heads to the plastic surgeon today for an evaluation but it looks like all things are a go... as if it ever wasn't for her.

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