Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ava's St. Pat's Day Surgery

Here's the bump Ava had removed. Ava's arrival for surgery... and the only person smiling in the waiting room.
The gown is small and allows for her buns to hang out. Very cute on a little person, not so cute on the guy across the hall.
My lovely Ava ready to go.
All hooked up and being monitored.
Ava paid close attention to what the nurses were doing while holding her baby.
It was finally her time, she had taken her medication to relax and was ready to have that bump be gone forever.

See you real soon Sweetpea...

It's over, it's done, and she is ready to get the heck out of the hospital. All she kept saying was, "I want to go home now."
At home with the balloons her Daddy gave her, Ava rested and recovered just fine. She watched cartoons, read her books, and played her Leapster. She has not once complained of pain and is walking around just fine.
The end result... it doesn't look as scary as I thought it would. The stitches will dissolve so a few more days and her leg should look pretty good.

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