Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Coming

Next week is only a few days away and Ava will forever be without her bump. I think that she is happy about it's final departure even though she doesn't have any idea HOW it's going to happen. But whatever. She lives in bliss and I'm happy to pull up a couch and have a seat next to her.

We saw the Plastic Surgeon today. Everything is set and ready to go. Tomorrow she sees her regular Pediatrician to get the finally 'go ahead' and as long as she doesn't get a cold between today and then she should be fine.

Daddy Dave is going to buy some balloons for her during the surgery so when she wakes up she has something else to focus on other than the annoying tape and stitches around her leg.

So here's to hoping we can get this over with and move on and still have a little bit of time to enjoy the end of the spring. I mean, c'mon. We missed the last five weeks due to respiratory issues, diarrhea for Liv, then for Ava... oh and let's not forget that the cat had it this morning and stunk up the entire downstairs. So officially I think the entire house is now okay. I don't want to jinx us and say great, so I'll still with, "we are okay."

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