Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Last day of hip hop class before the recital this weekend. Olivia struck a pose before class started. These the kids practicing part of their routine.
Olivia and the other girl perform part of the routine together. She jammin'.
And the others join in to finish it off.
Not all the kids were here yet but the parents took a few pictures of the kids posing anyway.
And a special one with their favorite teacher.
Look at the love...
And then they began dancing freestyle to another song which they LOVED.
And then one other girl showed up so it was another photo op for the parents while the kids struck yet another pose.
Another picture with the teacher with the other student added in.
Dance class was a lot of fun for Olivia. I wish now that I would have signed up Ava too. She knows the whole routine just from seeing the kids do it the last 5 minutes of class every week. Next time Ava... it will be your time to shine.

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