Friday, March 5, 2010

Out of the Woods

Or so I thought.

Of course when Ava finally finished all of her medications Olivia began coughing and sneezing. Of course.

But that I could handle.

It was the last six days of diarrhea I couldn't. Wednesday she had it 11 times. 11. I didn't think that was humanly possible for someone so little. Thursday she seemed like she was feeling better and only went twice. I felt very relieved when Liv didn't wake up in the night and cry to go to the potty last night. I was sure she was going to make it through today without diarrhea. I was sure of it.


She ate breakfast.

And then it happened.


Maybe it will only be one time today. One can only hope. It would be nice if both kids could be well at the same time. Plus Ava cannot get sick from here until her surgery or we will have to reschedule. We want to get it over with before summer so she can play all summer long.

Somehow I think it's going to take a miracle.

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