Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feeling Better

This week Olivia went to school and dance and loved them both like usual. Ava and I got to spend some quality time together on Monday and Wednesday since Livy slept until 10 AM each morning. Ava and I snuggled in bed telling stories. We watched HLN for some worldly news. And on Monday we made pancakes together, until finally sleeping beauty woke up to join the fun.

A few hours later a friend came over to visit us so the girls painted at the table while we hung out and talked. Nap time came and went for Liv who played quietly in her room and Ava slept peacefully in her room for a few hours. It was a nice break in the day to have a normal conversation with someone older than 4.

Wednesday we had planned to go to story time at B&N but sleeping beauty slept in so Ava and I read our magazines in bed and then cut out the pictures and did the projects while we waited. Once Liv was up and had eaten breakfast we walked to the store since it was such a nice sunny day and picked out Ava's birthday cake mix. This has been a great week so far.

Today Dave stayed home from work and took Livy to school, and Ava on errands so that I could go to the doctor. I had been having some strange girly issues but everything is OK and I am feeling a lot better. It always makes me worry when I go to the doctor that I'll go in just fine and come out with bad news. But not today so Dave's off to work and we are playing until nap time.

This weekend we are invited to one more birthday party on Saturday and then Sunday we are off to go sledding, snow tubing, and cruising on the zip lines. OK so I am just a little bit scared. But I will suck it up and be brave for my kids who have no problem flying down the hills on inner tubes. They get that from Dave. Why couldn't just one of these girls be a chicken like me?

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