Monday, January 25, 2010

Bowling Party

Olivia was invited to a double birthday party yesterday for her best girlfriend and a boy at school. It was the bowling alley. Wow. Talk about a lot of little kids and people. Ava was invited too so it was a family affair.

The party was really well planned and everything was fantastic. The girls all took turns bowling in one lane and the boys in the other and no one argued. To be perfectly honest I was impressed that a group of 4 year olds could get along that well together for 3 hours. Go figure. With the way my two kids go at it at home sometimes... Yeah, I was amazed.

I was also amazed that my kids without naps lasted in such a good space for such a long time. Olivia is beginning to outgrow her naps. She plays quietly in her room while Ava sleeps which is nice but the last week or two Ava has started playing in her room too. So this maybe the end of my two hour break once and for all. The timing is good since Dave is now home every night by 6:30 PM and I can have a few minutes to myself then while he gets their showers and bedtime rituals completed. And since these two lovelies have cut back on the naps their bedtime has been switched from 8 PM to 7 PM on the days they don't nap. This is wonderful.

Last night the girls were in bed at 7 PM. They were both asleep by 7:15 PM. Today Ava woke up at 7:30 AM and Olivia woke up at 10 AM. I'm thinking by summer the naps will be gone, bedtime will be set at 7 PM and the girls can sleep as late as they want. Then when preschool begins again Ava will go at 8:30 again but Olivia won't start until 10:30 AM on MWF (if there's 3 sessions) or the afternoon session if there's 2 sessions. This way the girls only need to get up 2 days a week early and we can relax the rest of the time. I think I'm just not ready to start having the morning routine begin 5 days a week. Once Liv's in Kindergarten there's no stopping it so we might as well give ourselves the luxury of one more year. Man, this school thing starts and all of a sudden it takes over your life.

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