Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year!!!

This year is going to be fantastic.

Dave and Ava's birthdays are both coming up. So exciting!!! Dave will be OLD (ha ha) and Ava will be 3 years old. How time flies by. Unbelievable. Ava was just a squishy little baby and now she is so smart, clever, and outrageously funny. She can do and accomplish things most kids her age can't. She is also very sensitive and does not like to get in trouble or have either of us give her "the look." She uses her manners saying "please" and "thank you" and likes to complement her friends telling them, "your____ is very bootiful." Ava is just perfect. All I can expect from her this year is for her to continue being as wonderful as she already is.

Dave left teaching in the dust in 2009 which allows him to be home for dinner every night this year. Now we can all sit and eat as a family and discuss our day. The girls will be able to get tucked into bed and see his face every night before they go to sleep instead of hearing his voice over the phone twice a week. We've all been waiting for this for a very long time.

Olivia is starting her first hip hop dance class this month which she is so looking forward to attending. She is also finishing up her first year of Preschool. She has changed so much in a blink of an eye from starting school, to riding a big girl bike, to wearing glasses, to just plain growing up. She is definitely a little girl now. Toddlerhood, babyhood- gone are those days. That awkward stage between toddlerhood and becoming a girl- gone. Olivia is officially a little lady. She too is very respectful and polite. She makes friends easily and learns new concepts at lightning speed. She has a great sense of humor and can tell jokes now that are truly funny. She is silly and compassionate and loves all animals, especially her beloved Sugar. She is most likely going to be smarter and more productive than Dave and I combined and will hopefully take care of us when we're elderly. One can only hope.

As for the girls' near future...I am going to try to get both girls on the swim team this summer if they will allow Ava to participate at 3 years old. She may have to wait until she's 4 too.

In the fall, Ava will begin Preschool-Gasp! My baby is NOT A BABY anymore. Who knows though... Maybe this year we will pop out a third just for kicks!

We have paid-off all of our credit cards and we are entering this year virtually debt free minus the everyday bills and the mortgage. Hooray!!

And as far as vacation go- We are planning a trip soon to San Diego via the motorcoach to visit Dave's Grandma, Legoland, the beach, and if we are super lucky maybe we can get a scuba diving day in there as well. As far as where we will be headed the rest of the year- who knows. I'm sure the road will lead us somewhere cool.

This leads us down the path of saying goodbye to the sippy/straw cups for the girls, goodbye to the night pull-ups for Ava, adios to the booster seats for eating, and I am closing the last chapter of Ava's real baby book. Am I sad? Heck no. We are on to better things and more fun days. We bought a year family pass to the Six Flags park to ride the roller coasters. We've jogged every day we've been at Grammie's house and plan to continue on at home. (Both girls really love jogging and are quite fast.) Starting Sunday we begin a fun family competition between my parents, Dave, and I to lose 5 pounds. Whoever loses it first receives $5 from each of the other competitors. I, of course, am going to win. (add sarcasm anytime) Dave and I bought an elliptical and Dave has promised to use it 5 minutes every day. Yes, it doesn't sound like a lot but it is a short time to get him started. And as for me... I want to firm up my flab.

And as far as 2010 resolutions go...I think mine will be to have more sex. Happy New Years Babe!!! I knew you'd like that!!!

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