Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

The princess finally sleeps- for an almost 4 hour nap! Thankfully Ava went to sleep tonight without any problems. Ava ended 2009 with her final dinner by eating a Peanut Butter Sandwich and a bowl of rice.
And we made Cioppino all day long so it cooked and melted together into a bowl of seafood yummy goodness. Grammie and Papa couldn't wait to dig in.
Check out the yumminess-
And who is this eating Cioppino? Why it's Olivia of course. She has become quite the seafood lover especially when it comes to clams. She has always liked shrimp, salmon, and crab, but now there's just no stopping her. She ate a huge bowl of clams and mussels. This picture really doesn't do her justice either because this was just when she had begun eating. I really should have taken the after shot of the mound of shells leftover..
After the fishy dinner, the ladies were promptly escorted to the tub for a bath. Ava was delighted in showing off her mermaid towel.

Liv wanted a picture of her towel and tail too.

That's my girls right there. The little mermaids.

See you later 2009, we had a great year, accomplished our goals, and made some wonderful friends. We have big plans ahead for 2010 and nothings going to stop us.

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