Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

How to begin this very long post... Dave's brother, sister-in-law, and their two kids came for Thanksgiving. Along with them they brought a Cajun Turduckhen (a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken and between all the layers was sausage stuffing). Sounds crazy right? Oh but tastes so good. So here's the first morning Wii session before we headed to Union city to do the IFLY. Everyone took their turn. (Michael is wearing yellow, Jacob is wearing white)
Here we have arrived at the IFLY and everyone's waiting for their meeting to begin. I was getting as sick as a dog by this point. Olivia still had her cough/sneezing/ sinus infection and was on day 8 of her antibiotics. Ava was hacking like a smoker and sneezing all over herself. I was wiping my nose every two seconds and getting very light headed, not to mention my watery eyes. So you ask why did I even go... Well someone had to take the pictures.
Here's the gang getting in their flight suits.
Here's Dave and his baby ready to fly.
Scott, Lisha, and Dave prepare for flight.
The kids. Ava still thinks she's involved at this point.
And they are off and in the tunnel.
Look at my man in goggles. Hot stuff!
Here's Michael flying high.
This is Olivia flying away!
And this is Thanksgiving morning or as I like to call it...moments before my death. At this point I could still sit upright. Scott's tickling the kids.
They ganged up on him.
After several hours we dressed the kids. I'm not really sure why. We weren't going anywhere but it was Thanksgiving. I was so sick by this point our relatives and Dave had to cook their own Thanksgiving.
The turduckhen... Umm turkey good. Umm duck good. Umm Chicken good. Suasage stuffing good. Put them all together and we give Thanks!
Here's the kids table.
Friday we went bowling. I was feeling a little better. All the medication I had taken the day before was still in me and I could breathe a bit. Liv was still spraying everyone with her sneezes and Ava- well she coughed and gagged at the same time. Real Fun. But we managed to make it through bowling and had a good time. It was at this time that I just began apologizing for our sickness to the relatives. If they make it through this next week without becoming violently ill, it would be a miracle. Oh and P.S. Olivia can throw her own ball thank you. As she told me, "Mommy, you go sit down over there please."
Here's Michael and Ava bowling.
The boys and their balls (pun intended).
Lisha and Ava saying hi.
Cousin love.

And since the boys had never had a black jack taco from TB we picked up a few on the way back from bowling. They were stoked and the girls even ate a taco too. (They would have never eaten them if it weren't for their cousins. I've tried tacos before. It's always a no go.)
During Ava's nap the kids helped build a gingerbread house.

And when Ava woke up, they ate it.
The next morning Dave's family flew home, we went to a birthday party at Pump it Up, and then we rested the rest of the weekend. The girls are better now. They still have the deep cough, but the sneezing is gone and they look better. I feel better too but now the mucus has decided to unleash itself so I'm full of wonderful phlegm.
Olivia went to her first day of school wearing her glasses today. None of the kids even noticed. Thank God for some miracles.

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