Saturday, December 26, 2009

And Then It Was Christmas...

This was Christmas morning when the girls came running down the hallway to find their presents. Checking out all the loot.. Man it must have taken Santa quite awhile to pile all these gifts under the tree.
Stocking stuffer groovy glasses.
Papa looked so fancy.
Daddy enjoyed his Christmas with his girls.
Santa gave Ava the groovy glasses too.
I was given a JD flask. Let's not analyze it.
Ava got a baby and boy was she happy.
Sugar was given a new shirt and Lady, well... may have been left out this Christmas...Oops!
Papa was opening his special gift from the girls.
He was given fishing poles to take the girls out on the houseboat for some fun.
The family photo. I was having a good hair day which was pretty awesome being that it was 8 A.M.
On Christmas day it was pretty much a free for all. As you can see it was still 8 A.M. and Ava is eating a giant lollipop.
The girls also received a bat and ball and played some baseball with Daddy. Both girls could already hit the ball.

And this is what occurred most days we were at Grammie and Papa's house... A lot of relaxing.
The girls were given these beautiful dresses from Grandma B. Olivia wore hers for 4 days straight and cried the day we had to wash it. She waited for it to come out of the dryer and put it back on again.
Ava's godmother and her mother came to visit.
And this was proof of Dave's score (234) on Wii bowling so that no one can ever dispute it again. Olivia scored a 145 and got a turkey on her last frame. I can't even do that. It's scary when your kids surpass you with electronic gadgets and they're only 4 years old.

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