Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fishing Off The Houseboat

We arrived at the houseboat just in time for lunch- Clam Chowder!! Yummy!!!
Liv loves her chowder:)
Daddy was preparing the fishing poles for big business.
Papa geared up too.
Me and Livynut took a self-portrait.
Here was my funny face. Livy of course was smiling..
Now she got the hang of it and made some great silly faces.
Grammie and Ava had to get it on it too...
Gone Fishin'. Look at that pole. (Dora)

The Disney princess pole was in the water too. It was about that time it began to rain but Papa assured us that (when it's raining) was the best time to fish.
"I can do it by myself," proclaimed Ava.

Check out the rain. It was really coming down by this point but the fisherwomen were still going strong. That's Papa on the left and Daddy on the right.

So this was what was caught- 2 giant fish.
OK, they were minnows out of the bucket. Dave was just being funny.

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