Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow, Snow, Snow

This was not the real snow we played in. This was a tester section of snow to see if both girls could fit on the sled together. But why not take advantage of an opportunity to make a snow angel.

And there they go...
We made it to the mountain and found a snowman someone else made so we added some limbs and a nose. Olivia seized the chance to throw a snowball at Daddy.
So cute. Olivia had such a great time in the snow. She was loving it.
Ava posed with a snowball with Grammie and Papa. Her main attraction was snow angels though. She would run and dive face down and spread out her arms and legs. I tried to tell her she was supposed to lay the other way but that wasn't what she wanted.
That's Olivia and Dave sledding down a giant hill. You can't see Olivia's face too well but she was grinning ear to ear.
They are going so fast. I was slightly freaked out.
Ava tested the smaller slope before hitting the big hill. She loved both hills. I was surprised seeing as Ava scares sometimes at the littlest things.
The bottom of the hill and still smiling. Who Hoo!
Look at those cuties!!! My snowbunnies.

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