Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We Found Rudolph

She was hiding at Olivia's school... Look at how freakin' cute she is:
And here she is struttin' her butterfly tights...

Well we have one last day of school before the break. Santa's going to be there and a photographer. We are bringing cupcakes and Ava. Those two things seem to go together well.

Now if Olivia would just snap out of the hunger strike is going through. I swear as soon as I notice she is eating regularly, she stops eating and acts like an infant who can't feed herself. It is such a huge pain. Today's lunch lasted over an hour. I know set a timer... I did. She will still have a pile of food leftover. Let her go hungry... yeah yeah. Except I am too poor to throw uneaten food away so she will get it served again at the next meal. No snacks...we hardly have snacks and if we do it is at least 2 hours before lunch. What's left- a frontal lobotomy for Dave and I...? I guess that's what it is all coming down to.

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