Monday, January 11, 2010

New Spot

I love Ikea. They have everything. Saturday we picked up a table and chairs for the girls. Of course we came back with a bunch of other stuff too. The main thing is now the girls have a place to play with their paper dolls, playdo, coloring books and paints without it being at the kitchen table. What a difference this table has made so far. They can start projects and leave them for awhile to eat lunch and everything is still where they left it without little Sugar bites.
Today we left for a bit to go to Kindermuzic and look how happy Ava was when she returned to see her items still in tact.

Dave and I also moved a lot of the small toys to the girls room over the weekend so that our family room can become more of a family room and less of a play room since the girls are old enough to go up and down the stairs to play in their rooms. We put in a bookshelf to hold all the games too. I like the room better now. The next thing is to replace the TV with one a mounted flat screen. All in due time.

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