Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Gator Project

For Christmas, the girls received hatching eggs from their cousins M & J. We put them in water and in 24 hours they were supposed to hatch. Here's how they looked after just the first few hours.
Ava's decided she wanted the darker alligator and Olivia wanted the green one. A few more hours later they still hadn't emerged all the way from their shell. We were anxiously waiting and watching though.

Here they are at a different angle.

When we woke up this morning this is what we found in the bowl.

Ava named hers "Net" because she is infatuated with the Elefun game that uses a net to catch butterflies and Olivia named hers "Pie" from the movie The Reef. After checking out their great new creatures Olivia wanted to know where their mommy was... I explained that She and Ava were the mommies but somehow that didn't fly with her. Olivia told me they needed a gator Mommy that looked like them. Hum. Well they don't have one unfortunately. She had to swim back to the bayou to lay more eggs... That answer seemed to advert the questions for awhile...

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