Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spice Cake

Thanks to the last two days we spent in bed we have all recovered successfully and are doing fabulous. Unfortunately while we were recovering, my laptop was taken over by some pretty malicious malware and became super infected to the point I couldn't use it. I called Dave and his IT guru from work gave me an idea as to how to fix it. It worked and now my laptop is actually faster than it was before. So to thank Dave's IT guru, Ava and I made a delicious spice cake this morning while Miss Olivia was at school. Later after nap Ava woke up first and was just in time to help me make cream cheese frosting from scratch. She must smell it in the air when I'm about to step foot in the kitchen. She always ends up being right there behind me. Now Ava wants to lick the cake but she has been told we have to wait for Daddy to get home and some of the cake will be going to work in the morning. "That's not fun," she told me.

Here's Ava measuring the cream cheese while inspecting it's flavor.

Yep, tastes like cream cheese.
After sticking her entire head inside the measuring cup she managed to smear it all over her face. Go figure.

Now that the ingredients have been added, it takes a strong arm to wield the mixer.
The young Paula Dean.
And now to frost...
And then there's the smelling of the cake at which point Ava doesn't actually sniff the cake but instead she blows air out of her nose. You're thinking a cake covered in snot right? Exactly.
Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks. Ava did a great job in the kitchen today. She is becoming quite the cook.

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