Friday, January 8, 2010

Singing In The Cold

Today the girls and I went for a brisk and I mean brisk walk with Sugar. It was freezing outside and as soon as we began walking I thought to myself, "should we just go back inside... maybe I should go get their hats and gloves even though they said they didn't want to wear them... oh jeez let's just get going." So we did. We had a nice little walk for awhile and then we found a penny. Once we were on the hunt for more treasure the singing began.

Now I don't want to sound like a bad or ungrateful parent but there are times in the day that I would prefer to enjoy without the singing. This was once of them. We were having a nice stroll, Sugar wasn't crying to be picked up, the girls were holding hands behind me. The world was a beautiful place.

And then I just had to notice a penny on the ground which prompted Olivia to belt out some of her happy songs for the rest of the walk. Once we found a nickle the songs not only became louder but the jumping began which prompted Ava to fall on the ground. She got up and dusted herself off and continued walking along. We found some more change. The excitement ensued and as well as more jumping. Oh boy, more jumping while holding hands and trying to walk forward. Again Ava hit the ground, pretty hard this time. She started to cry, I told her she was OK, and we were on the move again. Thankfully we were pretty close to home but even with that there is only so much I can take so I ever so politely asked Olivia to be quiet for the rest of the walk.

So much better. Is that wrong to say out loud? I hear Olivia singing sometimes in my head when she isn't even singing. I curse the people who created the sound track to The Little Mermaid. Obviously they must have had boys. Thankfully this singing thing hasn't spread like a virus and infected Ava as well. If that were the case I don't think there'd be enough wine out there to drowned the humming of them both out.

Now we are back inside finishing up the laundry and getting ready to eat lunch at noon. Then the girls will take a 2 hour nap. Can you say, "AHHH?" I can. It sounds like this, "AHHHHHHHH!!!" Silence is a beautiful thing.

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