Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hip Hop Shake-a-roonie

This was Olivia's first week at her Hip Hop dance class. Check her out groovin' and shakin' her stuff. The last time we signed up for this class I had Olivia really pumped and ready for it. When we showed up it had been cancelled. That was a long car ride home. This time I signed her up and didn't tell her just in case it was cancelled again. When it came time to drive there we jumped in the truck and I told Olivia we had a special outing to attend. I watched her in the backseat watching the road and trying to figure out where we were going. It was awesome when we pulled up. She didn't have any idea where we were. Once I got the affirmative that the class was indeed happening I told Olivia she was there for dance... She was so happy and excited.
Ava thought she was going to dance too but after awhile of watching Olivia she relaxed and danced in her spot all by herself. Next year is her year.

In other school news Olivia created a snow flake in school. They are studying the weather and the letter "P." She has been practicing spelling various words and has mastered, "mommy, daddy, papa, and girl". Everywhere we go now Liv wants to know what the letters are saying or how to spell certain words. She's getting so ready for real school and I'm getting nervous. Things are going to change so much when she is officially in school everyday and we can't just go do whatever we want together during the day. Good thing we have one more year.

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