Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When It Rains...

This weekend we were supposed to get this huge storm that was supposed to last forever as they proclaimed on the News. Feeling like we were going to be trapped inside for the weekend and following week I felt we should get outside and have the girls ride their bikes. Liv went to her eye appointment first thing in the morning and we got that out of the way. (Her vision has improved with her glasses. She is now 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other. So that in and of itself is good news that we know she can see.) Dave stopped by HD on the way home from Liv's appointment and picked up the calender project that we missed on our drive home from Redding at the beginning of the month. Once they crew arrived home they were riding their bikes and loving it.

Sunday rolled around and still no rain. We decided we would get out there again and go shopping and bought the birthday gifts for the parties in the next weekends. Then the girls and Dave ate their hearts out at Costco with all the free snacks that were being given out. We came home and lounged around. So far so good for the weekend. See, I am a rain hater. I don't like getting wet from the car and then going in somewhere and feeling wet. Then by the time I am dry I end up going back outside just to get wet and then I have to ride home wet. Plus the grocery carts are wet, the kids take longer to get in and out of the car. Rain just sucks. But this weekend we had daddy power and that trumps rain.

Monday Dave had off due to the Holiday. We woke up late. Dave made breakfast in bed for everyone. It began to rain but we went to B&N for the reading and marshmallow project anyway. Dave suggested we hit Chuck E. Cheese's and use up the game tokens we had acquired from various birthday parties. So we braved the rain again, played, and had a great time. We then went out to lunch since the restaurant was nearby and we were out already. This was the calm before the storm.

We all know Ava likes food- A LOT. She didn't touch her food at lunch. She also took a really long nap and then requested cream of wheat for dinner. While she ate maybe 4 bites of food, she threw up a lot of food all of over her clothes and the table. Dave whisked her away to the tub, Liv and I cleaned up the dishes after she finished eating. Not only was it raining outside it was now pouring inside. Once Ava was cleaned up, she crawled in bed with me to snuggle and Dave showered Olivia so she would be nice and clean for school today. Soon they were off to bed and we had a few hours to enjoy ourselves and watch Dave's favorite TV show. It was minutes after that show ended Olivia started crying. She had to go the the bathroom. An hour later she was crying again. She had thrown up in the bed, on her clothes, and in her hair. Dave showered her again, and wrapped her in a towel. It's now around midnight. We sat together on the lazyboy and rocked while Dave scooped up all the laundry. While he took it downstairs and to the garage, Sugar made a beeline for the rug in the downstairs bathroom and peed and pooped. He was literally in the garage for 30 seconds but apparently she wasn't stupid and she was not going out into what was now a storm. So while he did laundry he cleaned that up and brought up the puke bowl. They rocked for awhile on the chair and Liv seemed OK so Dave suggested she get in bed with us. She promptly march to the toilet and threw up some more. She got in bed with us after that and threw up a few more times.

I'm thinking no school tomorrow. OK no big deal. It's now almost 3 A.M. anyway and she hadn't really slept and it is pouring down rain. So Dave got up at 5 and left for work. Ava came in my room around 8 AM and we didn't have any power. Good grief- what am I going to do with two sick kids and no cartoons? I guess it's good we weren't planning on getting up for school too. We would have been really late. On my way downstairs to get the 7 up for the girls the power comes back on and what do I find- more dog poop. This time she left it in the loft. Good Lord. Is it like when one person has issues we all have to have issues at the same time? So I get the girls their drinks and some pancakes. I head back upstairs and find pee on the rug. OK someone might die now. I think it is safe to say Sugar hates the rain as much as I do.

The girls have laid in bed all morning. They have eaten and drank successfully with nothing coming back up. The rain outside has stopped and the skies are a beautiful blue. If this were a normal day Ava and I would be on our way to pick up Olivia at school and we'd get to see what really cool project she made, we'd hear about who she sat next to, what snack she ate, what story she heard, what new thing she learned in school, and we'd be talking about going to dance class later today. Today is not a normal day. We are watching Sesame Street, lounging in our jammies, looking haggard from a hard night, silently clutching out lovies. Honestly, this isn't so bad either. I'm kind of enjoying my babes in their quiet laid back and relaxed state. Now if only I could get that darn dog to use the potty outside instead of all over my house.

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