Monday, February 1, 2010

The Birthday Month

We've been so busy these last few days I have hardly had the time to blog. First, this must be the busiest month for birthdays. I think every family I know has at least one person with a January birthday. Every weekend we have gone to a party. This past Saturday it was for a neighbor turning 3. The party was fun and the girls enjoyed themselves like usual. We barbecued afterwards and had a neighborhood block party.

Sunday was the topper- Dave turned the big 3-9.

Yip, that's him waiting for his chocolate cake to cool down long enough to be smothered in chocolate frosting at 9:45 AM.
And his lovely cake devouring helpers finally rolled out of bed around 9:30 AM to eat their breakfast and be just in time to eat his cake. Yes, this must be love to be baking a cake for my husband so early in the morning. Was there ever any doubt? No, I love him... all 39 perfect years of him.

Ava turns 3 this Wednesday so now the preparations begin for her birthday party this weekend... I think after her party we are done for awhile. Hopefully.

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