Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Day

Yesterday Olivia whispered sweetly in my ear, "today's love day. I love you mommy." I replied, "I love you too Olivia."

Yesterday felt like anything but love day. Ava and Dave had been MIA since 10:30 AM. I had no idea what the chest x-ray showed. I couldn't get a hold of Dave once they were given an exam room and as the hours kept ticking away so did my thoughts of , "Oh God, what is happening to my baby?"

FINALLY at 5PM they arrived home with donuts and scratch offs. Because that's what good Daddies do when their kids are sick. They feed them donuts. Right Dave ? :) Priorities...

They also came home with a double ear infection for Ava, a O2 reading of 96 (getting better), more antibiotics and medications, and thankfully NO pneumonia. They thought she might have had it in her left lung but she didn't so they wanted to make sure what was in there didn't turn into it so now she's got some super meds to ward off the cooties.

Today she looks better. Her eyes are fine. Her face turned red again after the Prednisolone but after about an hour it went away. She's eating from the steroids just fine. She's in an excellent mood and was given the option of what she wanted to do today and she requested to stay in bed and draw. So she did.

She and Liv had breakfast in bed after Liv sprang out of bed sometime after 9AM. They watched cartoons all morning. I showered them both one at a time, combed their hair, gave them a quick trim in the back, blew their hair dry, put on some soft clothes, and plopped them right back into the bed. They ate lunch in bed and followed it up with a nap for Ava in her room. It was an exhausting day let me tell you.

So we are off to linger in bed and recuperate since tomorrow we have to get up and take Liv to school and go back to the doctor for a follow-up exam. I am hoping Ava's ears look better and her lungs sound decent.

Till tomorrow...

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