Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Birthday Girl!!!

Can you say, "Happy Birthday" because Ava looks pretty darn happy to me. Every year we go to the same restaurant to celebrate her birthday. The waitresses were kind enough to sing happy birthday and bring her a bowl of ice cream. As you can plainly see- Ava is ecstatic. Here's my birthday girl the moment she woke up on her 3rd birthday. She is happy to not be 2 anymore and therefore NOT a baby.
Olivia took it upon herself to snap our picture. Just what I needed, my picture taken right as I woke up in all of my glory.
Here's my fancy birthday girl and big sister ready to hit the streets and go to breakfast.
Tammy came along as she was part of the group last year.
My angels doing what they do best- loving each other. Happy Birthday to my big 3 year old girl. You will never have to be 2 again. That was a big issue yesterday and now it's over. We are so proud of you. You are getting more and more independent every day in every way. Your biggest milestone right now is that you have begun to wipe yourself after using the potty, you get yourself out of bed at night and use the bathroom at some mysterious hour without waking us, and you take off and put on a fresh pull-up. Most people would not be impressed probably with something like this but to me it was the last thing I "had" to do for you as a baby and now you can do it for yourself. Amazing. My babies are pony- tail wearing, hip hop dancing, big bike riding girls. It seems like yesterday I was sitting in that hospital bed looking at your plump little face imagining what you'd look like as a child. And now I know and you're perfect. I love you cake-a-roonies!!

Height: 391/2 in
Weight 38 lbs

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