Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photo Interrupted

We had a snafu over the weekend (during the middle of Ava's 3rd birthday party) where my magnificent camera that I coveted like a small child (enter sobbing here) hit the tile kitchen floor and was broken beyond belief. Thankfully most of the birthday pictures were already taken and the rest were covered with a cell phone camera so it wasn't the worst cast scenario but it did suck beyond belief.

And here's where the story gets good... My brand new spiffy camera (far superior to the dead one) will be here next Wednesday. Cnet rated it one of the top 10 in cameras and after finding a similar one at BBuy that I was going to get that actually would have cost me $140 more I am completely satisfied. The cnet one has more of the features that I wanted and a lithium ion battery with a charger so I don't have to deal with AA batteries dying on me all the time. So for a week we will be photoless or perhaps we will shoot a few with the web cam but most likely the photos will return in a week.

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