Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day ER

This weekend we have spent 2 of the 3 days in the ER. Ava is there again today with Dave. She's been x-rayed and hopefully will be seeing a doctor soon. They left at 10:30 AM. It's 2:45 PM now.

Friday night we were there for 5 hours. She got a sudden fever around 7 PM, complained of a side pain, cried a lot, and was recommended to go to the ER. Her O2 level were 90 with a high fever upon arrival. After several hours of waiting, finally some Tylenol and Motrin the fever went up higher and then finally broke but her O2 stats never changed. The doctor tried to rush us out, the nurses I guess split at midnight, and we were given a bunch of meds and sent on our way.

Saturday she seemed OK. My dad was doing a remodeling project with Dave in the upstairs bathroom and it was dusty in the house so we decided to go out for awhile. We went out to lunch and shopped for clothes for an hour. We drove home and on the way Olivia said her belly ached and Thank God for the barf bag I carry in the car because she threw up A LOT. What the F*** is happening??? (Ava was doing OK still, taking her medication like a champ, still breathing hard, but otherwise OK. ) My poor Olivia was sick too now and I was starting to feel like we were in a circus.

And then there's today... Happy Freakin' V-Day. Ava woke up, ate breakfast, took her meds and then looked like someone punched her in the face. Her eyes were red underneath like they sagged. Her breathing was raspy again and I told Dave just to go back again and let them know what was happening. She did have a scooter accident last weekend where the stupid neighbor kid rammed her with his hot wheels and she went flying in the air like a crash test dummy. I thought for sure she had at least broken her teeth but she sat up just fine and still wanted to play. Since then I've been concerned that made this breathing thing isn't cold related but rather maybe she broke a rib or something. So Dave was under strict orders to tell them what happened and to have them check her ribs too...just in case.

Last I heard she was x-rayed and given a breathing treatment while waiting for a room. I'm waiting to hear the results of the x-ray and to see if she will be coming home soon or if I need to go up there and switch places with Dave. My parents went back home so only one of us can be there at a time.

Till Later...

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