Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On our way from dropping off Olivia at school and taking Ava to her follow-up appointment a friend handed Ava a belated birthday present. Ava's eyes lit up as she removed the paper from the bag that was concealing a most coveted zhu hamster. Well that certainly made going to the doctor a whole lot more fun.

Ava's O2 has reached 100%. Her ears are still infected but should look and feel better within a few days. Her wheezing is still present but better. She's on her meds for a few more days and other than that, she's great. So great in fact the doctor had left me a message when I got home that her surgery was moved up from April to March. St. Patrick's Day actually. It seems like we are just killing the holidays this year.

So now I need to go make some phone calls and re-schedule all of the pre-surgery appointments we had to ones that would actually occur before the surgery. More phone calls...ugh.

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