Saturday, February 20, 2010


Between caring for the double ear infections (Ava), shuttling to and from the hospital, taking Liv to and from school and dance, administering the inhaler every few hours, Dave staying late at work the past few days, trying to maintain somewhat of my sanity, and painting the entire bathroom for the last 2 full days while the girls are playing at my feet- I AM SPENT. DONE. Cross me off the list and consider me done for.

I liked the color Ava picked for my bathroom though. We went to store and I gave her the choice of blue or green and she choose green. I pointed her in the direction of the green cards and she randomly picked a card and said, "I like dis one mommy." Okay. It's pretty and tropical and makes me feel like I woke up inside a travel magazine of the Bahamas. So I'd say Ava did good. I'd even take a picture or movie with my fancy new camera but I am so friggin' exhausted that I just don't want to. Sigh. On top of everything, Olivia is bouncing off the walls like she was shot in the ass with hyper juice and she won't leave Ava alone. Every few seconds she makes her cry which made me have to get off the ladder, discipline her, go back up the ladder, begin again and then --- wait-- there it is--- the scream from Ava that Olivia has just struck again.

All I want to know is where is my damn nanny??? I'm starting to loath her.

Today being Saturday I was hoping to finish the ceiling of the outer bathroom and finish my project so that I could do some other stuff on my list but alas, Dave brought work home with him. Oh goodie. It feels like a weekday.

I still have my entire bedroom yet to paint and the slider door frame in the kitchen from when my dad did the remodel. It's not going to be pretty around here trying to work with the girls asking me twenty questions and picking at each other but I will get finished at some point I guess.

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