Friday, February 26, 2010

Poofy Heads

Today we went on a stroll through the neighborhood and we met a old man who had some extra lemons from his tree. We filled our pockets and happily strolled along with aspirations of making lemonade. We chatted and sang songs. We searched for pennies. We even found a few poofyheads on a nearby neighbors lawn so the girls both plucked them from the ground and made a wish. I didn't have my camera with me at the time but here's a reenactment of them blowing their poofyheads and making a wish. Olivia wished for "her friends" and blew out her poofyhead. Such a sweet girl.
Ava whispered quietly while blowing, "I wish for my daddy to come home." I almost cried. She looked so serious and truly meant it. God I love them.

And here's the best part...

Right after that we passed a house around the corner from ours. I saw a few people standing there but didn't give it any thought. We were gabbing away when I finally heard the woman yelling, "Ma''am." So we walked back and she asked me if we lived around here and I told her, "yeah, a few houses down.."

And then she said, "this is my daughter Sofia and she needs a friend."


I think not.

Sofia is 3 and perfect for Ava and Olivia. I told her all about Liv's preschool and that Ava will be going next year so she is going to check it out. We exchanged phone numbers so that we can get together in the mornings and the girls can play, or we can take them to the park, or just out for walks since the girls and I usually walk somewhere every day.

Who'da thought wishing on a poofyhead would be the wish that instantly came true? Had I known this, I could have brought my lotto ticket with me and blown out my own poofyhead.

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