Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Zoo

Dave had today off so we made plans to head to the Zoo. The girls are big enough now that we have to pack very little for them which is a huge blessing. I used to hate having to cart all that stuff around that you need just in case the baby pukes, poops everywhere, or something worse happens. Now we bring an "in case" pull-up and our snacks. It's fantastic.

Again we somehow forgot that it was a holiday and the Zoo was packed with people. Despite everyone else, we ran around and looked at all the animals, had some snacks with the Meerkats, and played all over the park area.

Olivia found a fox hole with a cute little statue in it. She pet it for awhile and then crossed the lily pond with Grammie.

After a few hours it was time to say goodbye to all the lovely animals. Olivia grabbed onto Grammie's hand and they headed for the exit.

If you notice in this picture Olivia's feet never quite touch the ground. She is continually hopping and jumping. Grammie said one of her arms is probably going to be longer than the other because of this!!


Sheri/Cookingmom said...

Your pictures looks great. I really miss my kids being little and out of school. We used to do stuff like that all the time. We go out a lot in the summer, but I miss them when they're at school.

By the way, I have something for you on my journal. :-)

marina said...

what great pics. we have one of my son inside the shell. that is such a kid fav!
Have a great weekend, I gave you a shout out on our blog!
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