Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Outings

Now that we've captured Grammie we get to do all kinds of fun stuff with her. Sunday we went shopping for Olivia's birthday party. We bought balloons, party favors, floam, party food, and some cool gadgets for Grammie and Papa that we have yet to figure out really how they work. We topped it all off with a big spaghetti dinner, one of the girls' favorites.

Monday we went to the store to order Olivia's cake and then went to Pump It Up for a pop in play time. The girls just love this place. Somehow mom and I forgot that it was a Holiday for all of the school kids so it was very crowded. We still jumped in all the houses and went down the big slide. At first I was afraid Olivia wouldn't be able to make it up by herself so I helped her all the way up the big slide. She quickly went down and left me on the top. Ok, so I don't like slides as much as I don't like roller coasters:) But I had to go down because the kids were coming up so fast. Yes, I probably looked like an idiot but Liv was happy to watch me slide down. The next thing I knew she was all ready back at the top of the slide making her next leap off. I guess she didn't need my help.

Now Ava's my pal. She's not into the slide either, Woo Hoo! She likes the idea of it but actually going down is very frightening for her. We made our way to the smaller slide, which let me tell you- you have to go through this maze on your knees and hands to get to the back to get to the ladder for the slide...not easy and very sweaty. But she liked it and requested, "Go again...help" as she spread her arms out to the side for me to lift her back in. She jumped and jumped until there wasn't a jump left in her.

Then we made our way to Target and some other fine stores. We had a pretzel, another of the girls' faves and cheese. After shopping Ava fell asleep in the car and woke up as soon as we got home. This was the day of no naps. Whew, it was a long day. It was fun and totally worth it. By the time Dave got home from work we were all ready to go to dinner at the buffet. There we ate all we could and came home and literally went to bed. It was exhausting but totally worth it. Grammie got to do all the fun stuff we usually tell her about but this time she was a part of it.

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