Thursday, November 6, 2008

Upcoming Events

2 more days and we get to see Grammie for a whole week while Grampie goes hunting. Woo Hoo!!! Olivia and I did some online research so that we have a great activity for everyday of the week. It's going to be awesome. Dave took off Tuesday because he wants to join in on the fun. He's so funny. I told him that I was planning a full week with my mom here so we really get to do stuff with her instead of just sitting around. I think he got a little jealous because he started naming the days he could take off. Umm- not exactly the point but we'll let him come to the zoo.

Olivia's party has been planned out so all we need to do now is pick up a few items on our grocery list and we are set. This should be a pretty easy party to put together. I can't believe my little Muppet is turning 3 in a week. A WEEK!!!

Olivia is so amazing and cool. I am really enjoying watching her grow up. She likes to play pretend a lot. We sometimes are fairies, sometimes Swiper hunters, sometimes extravagant sand castle sculptors. She also likes to tell stories to Ava and I while we drive cars around on the carpet. Overall she is a wonderful big sister who cares about her sissy's feelings. On Halloween night while we were trick or treating, when candy was dropped in Liv's bag she would take a piece out and put it in Ava's bag. Now Ava's no fool. She walked right up to the door and got her own candy as well...and no she did not share. Ava idolizes Livy and wants to do everything she can do except the sharing thing. All in good time I'm sure.

While I type away, I look over at my sweet Olivia who's playing with her 'prodough' at her desk and she's in her own little world mumbling away... We are going to the spooky forest, we have to find Boots... Gotta love Dora the Explorer.

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