Monday, November 3, 2008

Napping Jammies

I know that I am not supposed to complain about certain things. I should just accept them for what they are and be happy. But- that's not really me.

My Miss Olivia is a few days away from turning 3 and she still takes a 3 hour nap religiously. I am thankful for this every single day. The problem is that she only wants to wear 1 particular pair of footed pj's to nap in. I have them saved in a certain dresser drawer to be only worn at nap time. They used to be one size too big and I would turn them around backwards and zip them up so she wouldn't take them off and dig around in her diaper. (That's a whole other story not worth getting into right now.)

Now the pj's fit just right turned around the right way. I keep trying to get Olivia to wear her clothes to nap in so that when these don't fit anymore she will still take her naps and be comfortable but it just isn't happening. She will not lay down until her clothes are off and the pj's are on. This certain pj doesn't come in a bigger size so this is the last one to grow out of. Other pj's will not make the grade either. She knows the difference and she's not budging.

I guess in a few months nap time will be ending since I can feel the standoff starting all ready. Every few days I will attempt to coax her into sleeping in her clothes or even a different footed pj but I don't have high hopes for the nap to continue happening. I don't think I am prepared to deal with a no nap time situation.

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Kristy said...

Ugh...good luck with that! Although I'm not in that situation...I can only imagine...hopefully things workout and you can still get your 3 hours!