Thursday, November 13, 2008

Berkeley- Our Most Exciting Adventure Yet

Wednesday we went to Habitot in Berkeley. This is a discovery museum for children. What it really was was one of the best times of our lives. We loved it. Here's proof:

This is Ava creating a science project using Styrofoam peanuts and a paper plate.

Ava has discovered that Gak is messy, stringy, and she does NOT like it on her hands. EEEW!!! Yuck!!!
Livy loved the big painting wall. She was making circles and ovals.

These are pools for the kids to go fishing in. I don't have a picture of them playing because as soon as Ava saw the pitcher she filled it and dumped it down her shirt. Water, water everywhere... To preserve the life of the camera I left it outside.

This is a big fan and on the ground there are piles of leaves, buckets, rakes, and a broom. Olivia really enjoyed playing in the leaves.

This is a wall maze for the kids to climb around in. Both the girls seemed to like playing and climbing in here.

And lastly, this is Ava driving the big space shuttle. She's blasted off and ready for flight. The only other thing that we didn't get pictures of was the face painting center where I painted bunnies on the girls' faces and Olivia drew some funny stuff on my face and Grammie's face.

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