Sunday, November 23, 2008

The birthday Month...

Continues... Yet another birthday party to go to this weekend. It is amazing that the neighborhood we live in seems to have spawn the November birthday month. We picked out all the presents for the parties a few months ago so we weren't so overwhelmed this month and that definitely helped.

Yesterday we picked up the presents for the December and January birthdays so by the time their day rolls around the stores aren't so picked over from Christmas. Even better we did all of the girls, the cousins, and neighbor kids Christmas gift shopping too. I'd like to say we are done shopping all together but we only shopped for kids and toys. Still, now we don't have to drive all over everywhere to find the stuff we want. I will probably order the rest of the stuff on-line for my family and adult friends and save myself from the Holiday rush. I tried shopping Black Friday once and it was a nightmare parking, finding, waiting in lines, listening to the person in front of me complain about "whatever." Sales just aren't that important that I have to lose my mind getting them.

I got a little sidetracked but now I'm back. After today's birthday party, our friends are coming over to watch football and hang out. It's always fun and the girls nap for the first few hours so we get to relax a little bit. Then I start wrapping presents..

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