Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #17

Thirteen Things I am Thankful For Today:

1. That I can still post about Thursday in the late afternoon and still get to be accepted on the site.
2. The girls' had a blast at Pump It Up today.
3. When I filled my huge truck with gas today the price was under two dollars.
4. The girls ate lunch at their little picnic table today in the kitchen and Olivia said she loved it.
5. They both napped and I finished all the work I needed to for my home business.
6. I repeat, they both napped.
7. I also had time to balance my checkbook and do a load of laundry.
8. The weather is cold and different than usual. It's nice to not be HOT every day.
9. We are all finally over our colds.
10. After balancing the checkbook I discovered we still have money...imagine that..ok so did I neglect to mention it wasn't very much?
11. Tomorrow Dave comes home early. I look forward to this every Thursday.
12. All the good TV shows are on tonight.
13. We have ice cream in the freezer...that almost never happens!
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Sarah said...

"When I filled my huge truck with gas today the price was under two dollars."

Gotta love that! Portland, OR is still at about $2.05/$2.09 but we're getting there!

anthonynorth said...

Oil prices are certainly going down. Wonder if food will any timne soon? It's really expensive over here in the UK.