Sunday, November 16, 2008

Olivia turns 3!!!

This is Olivia waking up on her birthday:

As you may have guessed we all woke up with colds. This is always wonderful on the day of your child's party. So many things to get done and we're not feeling like doing anything.

We figured maybe we should just begin simple so we started with breakfast.

After huge amounts of coffee and a lot of cold medicine, temperature takings, and snot wipings we were ready to set things up. Grammie moved out all the toys from the family room and re-arranged some furniture, Dave was on pick up cake, ice, and pizza duty, and I blew up balloons, set out all the food, and made a bunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This was actually a very easy party to set up for. All the food was pre-packaged and the favors were put together the night before.

This is the cake Olivia picked out...Right now she is really into Ariel and she wanted chocolate cake which I love so it was great.

Soon all the guests arrived and everyone ate and played and had a great time. None of the kids cried or had tantrums. I do believe it actually went off without a hitch. We sang happy birthday and Olivia opened her gifts...

After the party I went to bed. An hour or so later Grammie came and joined me. Poor Dave, he was tired too and he had to stay downstairs and feed the girls dinner and wait until their bedtime before he could come up and join us. But when he did he brought a movie and we all laid in bed and watched it. It was nice, we all felt like crap but got to relax.

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