Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let Go, Let Go !!!

Confusing as it may seem, "let go" sounds a lot like "Lego" except when it is being screeched out of Ava's mouth. We always thought she was strong willed and strong mind, but when holding on to a Lego for dear life she is quite the force to be reckoned with.

Another Lego battle ensued today leaving what was once happy sweet little faces very pouty. Neither Olivia nor Ava wanted to share the blocks so they ended up in the toy graveyard not to be seen again until after lunch. Both girls walked away looking pitiful and neither was going to admit defeat. They both took off running...

The Sammy baby doll took the next hit and probably the hardest one of all. It's a good thing her head was screwed on tight or she might have ended up in the toy hospital which once there may take weeks before the return. Doctors at that hospital tend to be very slow, typically not having the right size batteries, glue, or whatever to perform their surgeries and they have to wait for the next shipment of supplies for the daddy doctor to fix them up.

Sammy's feet and head were grabbed and pulled like a wishbone during Thanksgiving dinner. Ava shouted, "let go, let go!!!" Olivia pulled as hard as she could on both feet.

"Enough" I said to the both of them. "If you aren't going to play nicely with each other then you won't be in the same room."

"OK Mommy. I sorry" Ava replied. Then Olivia snatched the Sammy doll.

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Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hello, I love your header and blog..I have a daughter who has three girls and life is never boring..being around my granddaughters keeps me young..I have a granddaughter also name Olivia .. she is 9 months old..I will be back to visit again and hope you come visit my place... Baba