Saturday, September 5, 2009

What Took You So Long?

I asked my husband when he finally arrived back home with the girls. I had sent them to buy a bag of puppy food from the pet store (and a fish if the girls were good) and a sprinkler head from HD. The two stores are fairly close to one another so I assumed they would only be out for a half an hour. Wrong. Never assume when it comes to Dave.

Let me say first that they did come back with the puppy food and 4 fish. What happened to 1 fish? And- they were all smiling when they walked through the door obviously very proud of their mischievous selves. So again I asked, "what happened to you guys that took so long?" And then Dave gave me the best explanation of all. He told me about how they arrived at HD just in time to partake in the building of a bean bag toss.

Apparently both girls were given hammers and they nailed together this ramp like thing with a hole in it. Once it's built it sits on the ground and you try to toss the bean bags into the hole. The girls were given aprons, stickers, awards for achievement, and HD pins to pin to their aprons. They were very excited and proud of themselves and couldn't wait to show me their work. I was really happy that they had a great time with their dad. Dave told me later he knows who the builder is in the family... apparently when given a hammer Olivia hit the nails very delicately and Ava just started swinging. Sounds about right.

So on a different note:

We are waiting the arrival of Grandma B and Aunt D. They should be here in an hour. The girls are excited. They know more Fancy Nancy books are on the way. How posh! And I'm waiting for the dark to fall to go sit outside in the new hot tub. I have to admit I have become quite addict to it. I think about getting in all day long and right at 8:01 PM my toes hit the bubbles.

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