Sunday, September 27, 2009

Footprints In The Sand

This amazing little footprint belongs to Ava. She is totally enthralled with everything foot. This includes footprints- making, finding, seeing it, it doesn't matter. She just loves to watch the pavement change when she stomps her little wet foot on it. Today she discovered she made tracks in the sand when she ran out of the surf. It was like a dream come true for her and a joy to watch for us.
This is my shell collecting, sand castle building, little digger. Give her and shovel and a pale and Olivia will be busy for hours. I AM NOT JOKING. She tries to dig up my yard every opportunity she gets.
Olivia just discovered her own footprints.
And now she is off and running with her shovel and pale. Always busy. Always.
Just try and tell Ava to get out of the water because it is time to leave the beach. You'll hear, "NO NO NO NO!!!" Ava can't wait to get into the water and splash around. She absolutely loves it. Even when it's freezing.
She has heard we are leaving the beach to go to the toy store. As you can see she would rather stay at the beach.
Miss Sandcastle Extraordinaire leaving her mark on the world.

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