Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday At School

Liv's getting better at writing her name.
This is the end of sea life week. She created a whale and was given a sea shell to take home.

It was also letter "F" for the week. We are very excited because Thursday for share day Liv is taking her Fancy Nancy books...

And this is the shark hat she made in class too. Apparently her teacher brought in several different types of sea life for the kids to be able to touch. None of the boys wanted to touch anything but the girls were all for it especially Olivia. She said she was all over it touching the octopus and catfish. That's my girl!

Ava and I went to the library and picked out some awesome astronaut books, a few animal books, and a movie. She loves the library and since this wasn't a reading day with all of the kids she had the place to herself. Much better than on reading days. Although, we now go to the B&N reading group and that one is much better than the library one. The kids sit in a circle inside of all haphazard.

Anyway despite feeling like crud the girls have had a fairly decent day. Hopefully the icks will be gone soon.

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