Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doctor Update & Preschool Art

Went to see the Nutritionist today for Ava's weight. The lady was very kind and Ava spent the morning playing in a bucket of fake foods. Besides the fact that we were both big blobs of mucus the appointment went well. She said all the changes and portion sizes they we modified are great and Ava should do just fine growing into her weight. She can have small snacks and enjoy herself. She doesn't need it to be so structured that when she goes somewhere outside of our house she gorges herself because we don't offer any fun stuff. So I feel good that we have a handle on things and her weight is maintaining.

As for Miss Olivia... I missed her little stink butt today. Ava told me in the truck on the way home that she missed her too. It is definitely different when Olivia's away at school.

So here's what Livy was up to while she was at school:

Looks like an incredibly awesome day.

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