Monday, September 14, 2009


Earlier today I thought I'd post a blog but after thinking about our weekend I really had nothing to blog about. Then we took a jog to the park and around the trail.

We always walk/jog the trail twice and then end at the playground for drinks and play time. Well today we did our first lap around and Ava became cranky when she thought she was finished and ready to play after the first lap. "I can't do it Mommy," she balked at me.

"Yes you can Ava. We will just walk this lap, no jogging." I replied.

And then...

She ran off ahead of me. Figures.

So we jogged a little, walked a little, held hands a little, chased our shadows a little, and soon made it three quarters of the way around before Ava decided again she just couldn't do it. I stopped Olivia and told her we were going to walk the rest of the way. She wasn't thrilled as she was enjoying running around but she knew she was almost at the slides so she started walking. Once back on the pavement Olivia took off running for the slides. No biggie. She does this every time. Actually they both do. But today for some reason Ava decided to walk, holding my hand. It was nice. Me and my little buddy.

In my little daughter moment fog I notice out of the corner of my eye a snake which looked dead and Ava was a step from it. (We already walked here once and never noticed it.) Then it MOVED. It was alive and it coiled up. I grabbed Ava's shoulder, but she was in motion to move forward so she sort of twirled around as I drug her away from the snake. She began crying because I jerked her away and she didn't know what was happening. So I pointed to the snake and told her she almost stepped on it. "Mommy I afraid of snakes." Ava sobbed. I comforted her and apologized to her for scarring and scaring her for life. She cried a little more while Olivia came to check out the snake and the commotion.

Then Olivia ran back to the slides yelling smugly over her shoulder, "I like snakes."

You know what: WHAT EVER.

So in hindsight I guess I did have something to post about today.

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